Trustee Directors

Andrew Robinson

Member of the Asset & Liability Committee. Member of the Audit & Risk Committee. Member of the Governance and Nominations Committee.

Why be a trustee?

After 17 years of service and pension contribution at HSBC, I have a keen awareness of the importance of our benefits and pensions system to current and previous employees. Given the scale and diversity of HSBC and the Pension Scheme, the role represented an exciting opportunity to work in the Trustee team with members drawn from across HSBC and it’s many operations, all bringing their wide ranging experience and insight to bear to ensure the scheme is run and developed with the Scheme members interests at heart. 
My experience has exceeded my expectations as a Trustee and scheme member, and I feel privileged to be a part of the highly dedicated and diverse Trustee team working with the PSE team to oversee the Scheme and its members.

My Priorities

One of my priorities as a Trustee is to ensure the Scheme continues to evolve in communicating directly and most efficiently with the full member community to hear their concerns and respond to the needs of its members, and enabling more engagement and member decision making.

I also believe it is critical that the Scheme maintains the resilient and well governed pension scheme framework, as well as ensuring the ever present need to deliver value and performance whilst listening to member considerations and views on “choice”. In particular, Environmental and Social investment considerations will continue to develop. Working to maintain a “best in class” approach in this area which is aligned with member and Scheme interests, and communicated clearly to members, is a path befitting of the HSBC Pension Scheme and members alike

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