Trustee Directors

Martine Trouard-Riolle

Chair of the Appeals, Discretions & Operations Committee. Member of the Asset & Liability Committee. Member of the Chairs' Committee. Member of the Governance and Nominations Committee.

Why be a Trustee?

Most importantly the role makes a big difference to peoples’ lives. The trustee’s overriding duty is to the Scheme members and knowing that I have played a part in helping to secure peoples’ futures by making sure that they receive the pensions they expect is personally rewarding. 


The work is very interesting, but becoming increasingly demanding through legislative and regulatory changes. I enjoy working as part of a team helping trustee boards to solve the difficult technical challenges that arise all too frequently.

My priorities


Every pension scheme is different, but two general themes sum up my key priorities in my trustee work.  


Firstly, as a trustee, my overarching priority is the delivery of member benefits. For Defined Benefit members, this means ensuring the funding is in place to pay the promised pensions as they fall due. For Defined Contribution members, this is a framework enabling them to make the most of their, and the Bank’s, contributions in a way that best suits their individual circumstances.


Secondly, is helping trustee boards to operate efficiently with robust, best practice, governance. As a Professional Trustee since 2011, and an adviser before that, I have worked with many trustee boards and will bring that experience to both the Scheme’s governance and in consideration of trustee decisions.


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