Trustee Directors

Richard Dixon

Member of Asset & Liability Committee. Member of Communications & Engagement Committee.

Why be a trustee?

Having been with Midland/HSBC for 28 years I have seen great change in many areas, not least the retirement options available to staff. Throughout my career I have always had an interest in financial planning, and of course, retirement planning is a massive decision with many different options to choose from.. I was also very aware of the external market and ever changing regulation. Becoming a trustee director has provided me with the opportunity to be involved in becoming a professional trustee through participation in industry training and conferences and ensuring this knowledge is used to benefit the scheme and it's governance.

My priorities

I feel very strongly about the need to help our members make informed choices about their pension and felt that becoming a trustee director would give me the voice to help shape the future direction of the scheme for our members. I see my role as extremely important at a time of great change to ensure our members interests are given absolute priority.

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