Trustee Directors

Russell Picot

Chair of the Trustee Board. Chair of the Governance and Nominations Committee. Chair of the Chairs' Committee.

Why be a Trustee?

I was originally on the Trustee Board for fifteen years or so until I left HSBC. I knew that when I retired I wanted to be involved in pension fund trusteeship once more. I had found it very interesting and enjoyable, as well as worthwhile and extremely satisfying. It was a fantastic part of my professional life. I believe that, as trustees, we can make a real difference to the experience our colleagues have in their retirement.

My priorities

Collectively we are focussed on delivering a good outcome for all our members. We want to help our members understand what the Scheme means for them, and so be able to take informed decisions about their future. My priority, as Chair, is to support my fellow Trustee Directors as we aspire to the highest standards of governance.


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