Trustee Directors

Steve Towers

Member of the Asset and Liability Committee

Why be a trustee?

Having spent almost 20 years in the investment industry, I have built up a deep appreciation of the complexities and challenges faced by organisations and individuals in making investment related decisions. Over the past 10 years I have worked at one of the largest pension schemes in the UK, most recently as Head of Strategic Advice and ALM.

I have a keen professional interest in the development of long-term retirement solutions, with a particular focus on risk management. My work requires a detailed knowledge of the ever changing landscape of industry practice, regulatory standards and member requirements.

The trustee role at HSBC gives me the privileged opportunity to help the plan navigate the intricate nature of investment matters, and to work with like-minded leaders to deliver the retirement aspirations of our members. 

My priorities

As a member nominated director, my principle role is to ensure member perspectives are incorporated into the Trustee Board’s decision-making process. It is vital however that the board are in a position to balance reward based objectives with the associated risks.

I also recognise that pensions can be challenging for the general membership to understand. I see my role as an MND as one which acts as a conduit between the membership and the governing bodies. I aim to ensure the scheme’s strategy is well understood by members, and that member’s voices are heard at the board level.

Ultimately, my aim is to ensure that the direction of the scheme and decisions made in relation to investment strategy, risk management and pension provision are made with member outcomes at their heart.

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