Trustee Directors

Stuart White

Chair of the Asset & Liability Committee. Member of the Chairs' Committee

Why be a trustee?

Having worked for 20 years in investment management, working with pension schemes around the world and building my experience, I had always hoped to share this experience as a pension trustee in order to serve the best interests of the membership. It has been the most rewarding experience of my professional career and I am honoured to represent the membership as an Member Nominated Director, since March 2014. I have thrown myself into the role, representing the membership, as a member of: the Trustee Board; the Asset and Liability Sub-Committee; the Nominations Sub-Committee; the Defined Contribution Sub-Committee; the Actuarial & Valuations Working Group; and the Environmental, Social & Governance Working Group. I have also advanced my professional development to ensure I am better equipped to serve the membership, achieving the Pension Management Institute’s award in Professional Trusteeship. My proudest achievement to date has been my involvement in the Trustee’s decision to move the default Defined Contribution Global Equity investment, to a new strategy with a low carbon footprint approach, designed not only to deliver the outcomes that members expect, but also expected to have a positive impact on our future environment, helping to combat climate change.

My priorities

My priorities as a Trustee Director are to: 1) Always put the interests of the members first; 2) Provide respectful and thoughtful challenge in every forum to ensure we achieve best practice; 3) Strive with industry benchmarking to continually to be world class as a Trustee Board; 4) To continually upgrade my personal development to ensure I am best equipped to represent the membership.

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